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HKIE Geotechnical Paper Award 2022

Our collaborative publication entitled, “Design Recommendations for Single and Dual Debris Flow Barriers with and Without Basal Clearance” as part of the International Consortium of Landslides (ICL), UNESCO, Contribution to Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction book series (CLDRR) has been awarded the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Geotechnical Paper Award 2022 by the Geotechnical Division Committee (GDC). The award is a biennial exercise. It recognizes the best paper published in any journal or conference in the recent five years that has high potential to advance local practice. The award is selected by a panelist of 16 top geotechnical engineers and researchers in Hong Kong.

The award is presented on 13 May 2022 at the annual geotechnical division seminar organised by the geotechnical division commitee of the HKIE.

Interested research colleagues and students may download the award winning paper for research purposes.

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Journal Articles

Task A1

  1. Su, L., Li, J., Shi, X., & Fung, J. C. (2019) Spatiotemporal Variation in Presummer Precipitation Over South China From 1979 to 2015 and its Relationship with Urbanization. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 124(13), 6737-6749.
  2. Shi, X.* (2020) Enabling smart dynamical downscaling of extreme precipitation events with machine learning. Geophys. Res. Lett., 47, e2020GL090309.
  3. Su, L.*, Fung, J.C.H., J.L Li, & W.K. Wong (2021) Trends in diurnal cycle of summertime rainfall over coastal South China in the past 135 years: characteristics and possible causes. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 26(8), 2020JD033621
  4. Fan, Y., Chung, Y. T., & Shi, X.* (2021) The essential role of cloud-radiation interaction in nonrotating convective self-aggregation. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL095102.
  5. Lestari DV *, Shi X. (2021) Sensitivity of the Short-Range Precipitation Forecast in South China Region to Sea Surface Temperature Variations. Atmosphere. 12(9):1138.
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Task A2

  1. Shi, G., Lin, H., Bürgmann, R., Ma, P., Wang, J., & Liu, Y. (2019) Early soil consolidation from magnetic extensometers and full resolution SAR interferometry over highly decorrelated reclaimed lands. Remote Sensing of Environment, 231, 111231.
  2. Shi, G., Ma, P., Lin, H., Huang, B., Zhang, B., & Liu, Y. (2020) Potential of Using Phase Correlation in Distributed Scatterer In SAR Applied to Built Scenarios. Remote Sensing, 12(4), 686.
  3. Shi, G., Ma, P.*, Hu, X., Huang, B.*, & Lin, H. (2021) Surface response and subsurface features during the restriction of groundwater exploitation in Suzhou (China) inferred from decadal SAR interferometry. Rem. Sens. Environ., 256, 112327.
  4. Wu, Z., Zhao, Z., Ma, P.*, Huang, B. (2021) Real-World DEM Super-Resolution Based on Generative Adversarial Networks for Improving InSAR Topographic Phase Simulation. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 14: 8373-8385
  5. Shi, G., Huang, B.*, Ma, P., Lin, H. (2022) Distributed scatterer interferometry for forested and hilly areas using a topographical homogeneous filtering. Remote Sensing Letters, 13(5): 460-469.
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Task B1

  1. Zhou, A., *Wang, Y., & Chen, L. (2021) Finding large diverse communities on networks: the edge maximum k * -partite clique. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 13(12), 2576-2589.
  2. Fang, J., *Shen, Y., Wang, Y., & Chen, L (2021) Optimizing DNN computation graph using graph substitutions. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment.
  3. Jian, X., *Wang, Y., & Chen, L. (2021) Effective and efficient relational community detection and search in large dynamic heterogeneous information networks. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment.
  4. Zeng, Y., *Tong, Y., Song, Y., & *Chen, L. (2021) The simpler the better: an indexing approach for shared-route planning queries. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 13(13), 3517-3530.
  5. Liu, Q., *Zheng, L., *Shen, Y., & Chen, L. (2021) Stable learned bloom filters for data streams. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment.
  6. Chen, Z., *Cheng, P., Chen, L., Lin, X., & Shahabi, C. (2021) Fair task assignment in spatial crowdsourcing. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment.
  7. Ng, C.W.W., Yang, B., Liu, Z.Q., Kwan, J.S.H. and Chen, L. (2021) Spatiotemporal modelling of rainfall-induced landslides using machine learning. Landslides, 18(7), 2499-2514.
  8. Shao, Y., Huang, S., Li, Y.*, Miao, X., Cui, B. & Chen, L. (2021) Memory-aware framework for fast and scalable second-order random walk over billion-edge natural graphs. The VLDB Journal, 30, 769–797, 2
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Task B2

  1. Wang, H. J., Zhang, L. M., Yin, K. S., Luo, H. Y., Li, J. H. (2020) Landslide identification using machine learning, Geoscience Frontiers.
  2. Wang, H. J., Zhang, L. M.*, Luo, H. Y., He, J., & Cheung, R. W. M. (2021) AI-powered Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in Hong Kong. Eng. Geol. 288(3):106103
  3. Xiao, T., Zhang, L. M.*, Cheung, R. W. M., & Lacasse, S. (2022) Predicting spatio-temporal man-made slope failures induced by rainfall in Hong Kong using machine learning techniques. Géotechnique.
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Task C1

  1. Mu, Q. Y., Ng, C. W. W., Zhou, C., & Zhou, G. G. D. (2019) Effects of clay content on the volumetric behavior of loess under heating-cooling cycles. Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A, 20(12), 979-990.
  2. Mu, Q. Y., Zhou, C. and Ng, C. W. W. (2019) Compression and wetting induced volumetric behavior of loess: macro- and micro-investigations, Transportation Geotechnics, 23, 100345.
  3. Mu, Q. Y., Zhou, C., Ng, C. W. W., & Zhou, G. G. D. 2 (2019) Stress effects on soil freezing characteristic curve: equipment development and experimental results. Vadose Zone Journal, 18(1), 1-10
  4. Ng, C. W. W., Ni, J. J., & Leung, A. K. (2019) Effects of plant growth and spacing on soil hydrological changes: a field study. Géotechnique, 70(10), 867-881.
  5. Bordoloi, S. and Ng, C.W.W. (2020) The effects of vegetation traits and their stability functions in bio-engineered slopes: A perspective review. Engineering Geology, 275, 105742.
  6. Choi, C. E., Ng, C. W. W., Liu, H., & Wang, Y. (2020) Interaction between dry granular flow and rigid barrier with basal clearance: analytical and physical modelling. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 57(2), 236-245.
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  10. Ng, C. W. W., Akinniyi, D. B., and Zhou, C. (2020) Influence of structure on the compression and shear behaviour of a saturated lateritic clay. Acta Geotechnica, 15, 3433-3441.
  11. Ng, C. W. W., Bentil, O. T., and Zhou, C. (2020) Small strain shear modulus and damping ratio of two unsaturated lateritic sandy clays. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Accepted 27th October 2020.
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Task C2

  1. Boldrin, D., Leung, A. K., Bengough, A. G., & Jones, H. G. (2019) Potential of thermal imaging in soil bioengineering to assess plant ability for soil water removal and air cooling. Ecological Engineering, 141, 105599.
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Task C3

  1. Leung, J., Chu, S., Pong, T. C., Ng, D., &  Qiao, S. (2021) Developing a Framework for Blended Design-Based Learning in a First-Year Multidisciplinary Design Course. IEEE Transactions on Education, 1-10
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Conference Papers

  1. Xiao, T., Zhang, L.M. (2020) Evaluation of performance of engineered slopes under extreme rainstorms. In Geo-Congress 2020: Engineering, Monitoring, and Management of Geotechnical Infrastructure (GSP 316), Minneapolis, United States, Feb 25-28, 2020. p. 737-743.
  2. Ng, C. W. W., Choi, C. E. Majeed, U., Poudyal, S. and De Silva, W. A. R. K. (2019) Fundamental framework to design multiple rigid barriers for resisting debris flows. 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Taipei, Taiwan. Oct, 2019.
  3. Ng, C. W. W., Ni, J. J., Zhou, C. (2019) Interplay Between Ecology and Unsaturated Soil Mechanics for Bioengineered Landfill Covers and Slopes. The XVI Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Cancun, Mexico. Nov, 2019.
  4. Ng, C.W.W., Choi, C.E., Liu, H., Poudyal, S. and Kwan, J.S.H. (2020) Design recommendations for Single and Dual Debris Flow Barriers with and Without Basal Clearance, Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk. WLF 2020. ICL Contribution to Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction. Springer, 2020, p. 33-53.
  5. Ng, C. W. W., Choi, C.E., Liu, H., Wang, C. and Kwan, J.S.H. (2021) Impact mechanisms of debris flow on barriers: modelling, analysis and design. SCG-XIII International Symposium on Landslides . Cartegena, Cololmbia, Feb 22-26, 2021.
  6. Ng, C.W.W., Ni, J.J. and Zhou, C. (2021) Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Bioengineered Soil Slopes with a Focus on Hydrological Effects (Keynote lecture), 3rd International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering (ICGE-Colombo-2020), Colombo, Sri Lanka, 6-7 December 2021.
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License and Patents

  1. Archer, A. & Ng, C. W. W. Centrifuge Environmental Chamber. US Patent No. US 10,613,071 B2; Granted on 7 April 2020.